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Hi there!
Nice to see you here!

Who am I?

My Name is Marina. I believe in beauty and even if it won`t save the world, it will help to beautify it and make it more marvelous. It is all about details, pretty little things around us, they are everywhere. I love to find and to show them to the world!
I grew up in Kazakhstan, far away from colossal cities and enormous opportunities. There I learned to see and to love all the beautiful nature gifts. Later I moved to Germany. The beautiful country where everything is possible! In lovely Leipzig, I studied architecture and worked with a freelance designer on many designs, painting, and restoration projects. After my graduation, I moved to Ludwigsburg to work in an architecture office. That’s why this the love of the details. Now I am in the USA and I am excited to see and to show you lots of new amazing things!

What you’ll find on my website?

You’ll find here a lot of impressive things.
On my BLOG I’m writing about everything I love, topics that inspire me, things that I created, the creators I admire, and much more.
In the SHOWROOM you’ll discover my illustrations and some projects. I created all illustrations with Copic Markers.
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Let’s be friends!