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Let’s see! Is your passion = my passion? Your interests = my interests? Will you find here what you’re looking for?

Here is a short and crisp answer:

PrettyLittleStuff is a Creative Lifestyle Blog about:

  • Creativity + Art
  • Minimalism + Design + Architecture
  • Productivity + Motivation + Inspiration
  • Traveling + Lifestyle

Do you need more details?


I’m Marina and PrettyLittleStuff is my blog. (“Hello, Marina!”) I love creating, designing, exploring, learning, and traveling. And I’m so happy to have You here!

Originally I’ve created this blog as a trial. Not really having an idea what to do with it. But I kept it casual and simply shared my artwork. Which I made for some Instagram art challenges. By the way, you still can find them in the Gallery.

Soon I started to share everything about things creative. That inspired me. That I wanted to save in some place. And it turned out, my blog was that perfect place. For all the things that are worth keeping.

What you’ll find here?

  • Tips and tricks on how to improve your productivity and creativity.
  • Once a month: inspiring and life-changing news from around the world. Covering anything about Art, Design, Architecture, Minimalism, Productivity, and creative Creating.
  • Artwork designed by me, to help everybody – who need it – to stay motivated and inspired

Let’s be friends!