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5 Creative Cookies to Treat Your Inner Creator

How’s your inner creator doing? Hungry for some Creative Cookies?

This month I’ll give you a chosen collection of “sweets” to inspire your mind.


Creative Cookie #1 – The Creativity Limits Blowing One

In fact, all the limits and borders only exist in your head. Remove them! And you’ll see your life becoming amusing and fascinating.

In the video below, you’ll find a creative guy who started building a squirrel proved birdfeeder. However, it turned out that the squirrels in his backyard were more clever than that.

The Video is about 20 minutes long. So grab some tea. Make it comfortable. Enjoy Mark’s outstanding work. And be amazed by never giving up cute artful squirrels.

Creative Cookie #2 – Virtual One with Aesthetic Flavor.

Have you ever been to an art or designer fair?

Virtual Design Festival is exactly like this, but online! It’s the first online design festival in the world. Organized by Dezeen. Running from 15 April to 10 July.

What you’ll find:

+ product and furniture design;

+ interior design and architecture;

+ materials;

+ politics and ecology;

+ collaborations, talks, interviews.

Presentations definitely worth to look at:

+ Latest Collection by Vitra. Truly minimalist. With simple and clear forms.

+ Drone Footage of  Galaxia temple at the 2018 Burning Man festival.

Creative Cookie #3 – Banksy’s One.

What do you think is there a better solution?

Creative Cookie #4 – Bright and Fascinating Africa.

In Love. In Love. In Love.

In Love with “Africa by Design”.

A project exhibiting unique, talented African designers.

It’s about heritage. Culture. History.

Pictured in furniture design. Environmental Design. Product and textile design. With all the delicious variety of colors, prints, and ornaments.

Incredible and endlessly inspiring.

Creative Cookie #5 – Sexy Luxury Sunshine.

“Hard work beats talent every day that talent is not working hard.” – Tony Kelly

Forbes describes his work as “vibrant in actuality, and reflect the vibrancy of life (and often youth) along with the times in which we live. […] he manages to document our selfie, consumerist culture in his signature tong-in-cheek fashion.”

His work is about the world we live in.

About celebrity culture. Luxury. Consumption. Selfishness. Stereotypes.

It’s ironical. It’s eye-catching. And is worth to think about it.

A lot of Inspiration in his work.
No matter if you’re looking for vibrant ideas.
Or just want to brighten up your mood.
It’s gonna do your day!

P.S. It’s almost impossible to stop scrolling through his Instagram.

[ BONUS Wafer ] – Delicious Cuteness.

Another Instagram discovery.

It’s so sunny and positive. Impossible not to love it!


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