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Minimalist Bullet Journal Series [2020] #1 Introduction

Does it sound like you? Loving planers. Loving organizing everything around you. Loving all kinds of trackers.

Mission impossible!

To find a perfect planer. Having the only sections you need. Having enough space for your needs. Looking the way you like it. Simple. Clear. Minimalist.

I’ve been there too.

Buying a new Planer every year. Trying to adapt it to my needs and wants. There’s a lot. Pocket-sized also gigantic. Black also neon green. Eye-catching, also plain. Simple, also Greek-To-Me.

Nothing worked.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve discovered the way (loved by many others, but new for me!) to have everything I need and want in one notebook!

Bullet Journal.

What is Bullet-Journaling about?

FIRST THINGS FIRST, it’s not about being perfect! It’s only about organizing your life, your thoughts, your habits, goals, and future plans. In a minimalist way that works best for you.

SECOND THINGS SECOND, it’s absolutely up to you how to use it. How to design it. What sections to use. And how to separate them.

Use it for everything:

  • keep track of your goals,
  • as a diary,
  • as a traveling journal,
  • for weather, sleep, diet, or fitness tracking.

Define your needs and wants, what do you want to track in your lifestyle? It’s only about you!

Everything you need is a notebook and a pen. A ruler would be helpful as well.

First steps to set up a Bullet Journal

If you want your Bullet Journal to be minimalist – keep things simple.

In the beginning everything you need is a little inspiration and some basic know-how⬇️.

Set of Basic Spreads for your Minimalist Bullet Journal:

  • BJ Key
  • BJ Monthly Spread
  • Bj Weekly Spread
  • BJ Daily Spread
  • BJ Monthly To-Dos

Additional Spreads for your Minimalist Bullet Journal:

  • BJ Future Logs
  • BJ Habit Trackers
  • BJ Gratitude
  • BJ Monthly Check-Ins


Colors: Start with a single one – a black ink pen. It’ll create a light and clean look. But if you fill that you need accents, feel free to bring in your favorite colors.

Should your Bullet Journal be Minimalist? It shouldn’t. But if you’re a beginner in Bullet Journaling like me, it’s easier to start with. A lot of white space will keep your eyes relaxed and your mind focused on important things in your Bullet Journal. That’s the beauty of minimalism – only things you really need.

There’s another outstanding thing about BJ. You can change the layout every month completely. Find out what works best for you you. It could be anything that’s fast and easy to create. No needs to be perfect. Or ideal. It’s only for you! No pressure.

No right or wrong way to do it!

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With this minimalist bullet journal series, I want to start a sequence of posts about Bullet Journaling. By sharing with you my experience. Minimalist examples. And clean and light templates.

I’d be thrilled if you’d share your own bullet journals or minimalist samples you like. Use the comment section below or tag me @marinarabcevi.

P.S. Stay tuned for the #2 Monthly Spread Basics for your Minimalist Bullet Journal.

P.S.S. If you love Minimalism (or French Bulldogs) – check out my Series of minimalist motivational posters!


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