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5 May-Sightings to give You Creative Inspiration

I bet something like this also happened to you.

There was a plan for May. A special one.

My husband and I have our own USA-Exploring schedule. As we moved to the US, we set a goal. To visit all the 50 states in three years. Then we extended it to four years. And right now it stands 30/50. Not bad, actually! There is a to-visit-list for every year.

There was so much excitement to go to New York in May 2020.

But. The world has gone crazy.

That’s the current situation. Being home. Staying home. Everything home. All the time – home. Whom I’m saying that though? You’re doing the same!

So I used this time and created a collection of inspiring things discovered in May.

5 Discoveries of the May to boost your Creative Inspiration:

1. Manhattan Inspired Toys for Special Needs.

Let’s get started with some creative… and a kind of hilarious news from New York.

That’s so humorous! Guys from architecture and design studio Wolfgang & Hite took the time to design something unusual. They named it XXX-HY – a Luxury Real Estate Dildo Experience.

What!? But it really is what it sounds like. Architectural sex toys. A set of them. Pure pink silicon. ))

Wolfgang & Hite: “There’s a lot to love in NYC’s recent building boom, but the city and developers have been jerking each other off for decades, so naturally we wanted to join in the fun… Masturbation is a great metaphor for the latest wave of development in New York City.”

Each toy not only looks like a skyscraper from Manhattan’s West Side, but it also has the same proportions. 1 inch of the toy = 100 feet of the building.

Set includes buildings on 10, 30, 15, 55, 50 Hudson Yards, and Heatherwick’s Vessel as a buttplug.

Do you know what the most brilliant thing about it is? They mailed a set to the New York City planning department and Steven Ross, chairman of the Related Companies. Who developed Hudson Yards.

Be sure about one thing. Next time in New York you’ll have some associations. You’re welcome.

Read more about it on Dezeen.

2. Inspiring Drawings and Sketches by Anna Gibb

If you like architecture or black and white ink sketches like me, you’ll adore her. Discovered on Instagram.



Blown away.

See yourself!

3. Completely Mind-Blowing Storm Videos by Dustin Farrell

If you love good made content or looking for something beautiful to watch, here is something you’ll love.

Thunder and lightning.

Inspiring. Awakening. Picturesque.

Dynamic. But still relaxing.

Perfect combination of high-quality footage and powerful music.

Each view is a scenic masterpiece.

You’ll want to watch it over and over again!

Do you see the likeness of clouds and water?

4. Tiny Houses Pinterest Collection

Enjoy the collection of compact houses.

Cozy. Beautiful. Charming.

Would be perfect to spend this quarantine or self-isolation in one of them.

5. Mix and Match your Motivation

Lack of creative inspiration. Constant distraction. Loss of focus. Excuses…

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to work from home. To get things running. Especially when it’s new for you.

Here is something I’ve created for myself. To stay focused, inspired, and motivated.

Popular motivational quotes. Bold. Monochrome. Minimalist. But still entertaining.))

Let me ask you something! Do you adore French Bulldogs, Frenchies as I do? You’ll meet them on every poster. They’ll watch you. Motivate you. Believe in you. Cheer you up. And brighten up your room.

Imagine. To have one of them in your home office.

Or even a set. You can put them together as you like. And boost your productivity by setting a motivational atmosphere in your office.

Creative inspirations of the may 2020 PrettyLittleStuff PLStuff Printable Motivational Posters French bulldog Get shit done think big focus think outside the box

These and more are available in my Etsy Shop as Digital Download!

[ BONUS ] Google Extension of the Month!

Have you ever been amazed by the applied font in some blog? And you wanted to know which one it was. But you didn’t know how to figure that out.

Try out WhatFont – a free Google extension.

Even though it’s not a creative inspiration booster, it’ll make your life much easier! For sure.

Stay Amazing. Stay Motivated. Stay Safe!♥️

Sending a virtual hug!

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