PrettyLittleStuff new blog ideas

14 months later…

[ With Fresh Blog Ideas!]

…here I’m again. Sitting on the floor in my living room. Having my laptop in front of me. And a bunch of fresh blog ideas. Sipping some peppermint tea. The smell is mind-blowing BTW. Enjoying mango macarons. Which my hubby brought home today from Whole Foods. With some fresh tulips. Even though it’s snowing today, it’s spring in Michigan. So, tulips are just perfect.

It isn’t easy to start over again. That’s why I want to make a statement first. To share what visualize and what my further plans with PrettyLittleStuff are.

What it was before:

2018 was a gigantic thing! It was creative. Creative-productive. Visionary. With many new skills and experiences. It stands for a new life in an unknown country.

In another (not perfect) climate zone.

In a new culture.

With an almost unknown language.

With a fresh blog. My baby – designed and created by myself. I had no idea about websites, coding, hosts, URLs, etc. But lucky I – my husband did. : – ) He helped me at the beginning. Then I had no choice but to figure out how to do it! : – )

PrettyLittleStuff was intended for:

Sketches of cute little things. Created with ink pens and alcohol markers.

Minimalist black and white ink pen drawings. I started practicing them after I joined the October Challenge on Instagram, organized each October each year by Jake Parker.

Digital illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It’s something I’d never know I’d learn. Minimalist. Simple. Single or in series. Patterns. Geometric. Abstract. Hand-drawn. Later, digitalized.

Informative posts about Artists, illustrators, architects or design studios, which inspired me.

What I want it to be:

Well.. there’s no clear picture yet. But. What I know for sure is that I want to break my own rules. And blur the old boundaries.

It still will be about things that motivate and inspire me. Creativity and self-expression are still important. And PrettyLittleStuff will stay a safe place for all the existing and future arts. But. I want to use my blog for more:


The most admirable philosophy for me. : – ) Even if already living in it, there are still tons to learn and practice. So excited about everything to come! In art. Interior. Lifestyle. Architecture. Fashion. Thinking. And being.


Something that makes me thrilled. Opens my eyes. It’s a trigger to think critically and creatively. Forces to rethink existing goals. Fills the brain with fresh ideas and inspiration. It’s true motivation. It’s happiness.

Healthy living.

An important part of my life. Which I’m working on day by day. It’s about food. Sleep. Exercises. Yoga. Meditation. Sun. Self-love.


This’s something where my skills suck! : – ) 2019 my husband and I spent with starting our own business. Since then it has been crucial to learning how to work every day for yourself. Not for somebody that I used to be before. It’s getting better with time but still needs some boost.

So much excitement about the fresh start! Fresh blog. Fresh ideas. New skills and experience.

Let’s get started!…


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