December Miracle

December – one of my 12 favorites in this year!

  • Art Marathon on Instagram: of course it’s about Christmas time!
Winter Holidays always inspire one to be creative. I like to take on at least one art challenge at this miracle time. It’s easy to find some new friends and at the same time, it’s difficult to stay original. That’s why it is a challenge!
  • Greeting cards: Cookies
The Art Marathon helped me to find a cool idea for a couple of funny greeting cards! I have created some postcards before, but it was two years ago, and I wanted to try it again using more minimalist idea this time!
The whole collection can be seen in my SHOWROOM
  • Visiting Germany 
The second half of December it’s all about Germany! Finally, I’m home!))) Missed it so much! So many thoughts, ideas, and memories will be taken with back to the USA! I think it will be enough inspiration for the whole next month!
  • Christmas Market + decorations + relaxed people
  • Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Ingolstadt, Leipzig, Senftenberg, Berlin, Frankfurt 
  • Cute Cafe with kitties! Maybe you have it in your city too: Katzentempel
  • Amazing Coffee + a lot of cats + funny rabbit
  • Ukulele + guitar 
  • Rainy landscapes, German architecture, fachwerk buildings of the tiny old towns
  • Holiday lock-screen
Creating my first lock-screen for smartphones by myself. I liked this idea, especially at the miracle Christmas time! You still can download it for your phone, if you like!

Cozy holiday pastry smell colors: warm brown, beige
Winter colors: white, vibrant blue
Minimal accent colors like red, pink and green.

You got it!))) It’s all about cookies this month!)))
I couldn’t eat much of them this month, because I tried a detox diet, so I used my mind, my sketchbook, and my pens, to deal with it otherwise!

Inspired by the sketches for the postcards. Simple but heartwarming Christmas cookies and snowflakes. Perfect December motives.

Pinterest Creative Board for DECEMBER

Please, feel free to give me feedback! What are your favorites of December? What inspired you in this month?

I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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I don’t mind if you download the images for your own personal use though.
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Happy holidays!

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