November Adventure

November, you were useful and priceless!

Thank you for new ideas and motivation!

The November had begun with plenty of memories, experience, and inspiration from our road trip through an half of the country: Michigan – Ohio – Indiana – Illinois – Missouri – Kansas – Colorado – Utah – Nevada – Arizona – aaaand all the way back home))) Yeaaaahhh! A big adventure with a long bucket list.
I have never seen something like almost everything there before. We visited eight national parks, each of them completely differed from the previous one:
  • Nature: plants, animals, birds (blue birds?! Really?), cactuses(they are so cute, I am totally in love with them!), succulents, deer (I didn’t even know so many breeds can live in one area).
  • Geology: all the historical geological layers are literally visible. And this is incredible! After this informative trip, I nearly want to study geology to understand it even better)) It’s not just about the history, you exploring there, it’s also the visual excitement, that comes from the color combinations and harmonical contrasts.

The November in Michigan has been cozy and homely, with the first snow (actually not the first “first”, because the “first” one was missed while visiting Arizona),  with warm delicious tea, btw look at the photo, even the tea agrees with the marvelousness of nature.

The colors of November are out and out the colors of the desert and canyons!
  • warm earth: brown, red, orange, ochre
  • dry desert plants: pale green, grey


On the walls of the cliffs in the Capitol Reef, Utah, we discovered some ancient Indian tribe doodles!
They are so simple but so unique. My doodles here are inspired by those pictograms (see the pictures above).
While creating them I felt like a child, even if I have never drawn humans and animals like that in my childhood, haha)) anyway, it is so cool!)))


The motives and colors for the pattern of November are the Canyons + their vegetation.

Pinterest Creative Board for NOVEMBER

Please, feel free to give me feedback! What are your favorites of November? What inspired you in this month?

I can’t wait to hear from you! 

! All images, illustrations, photographs, and designs are © Marina Rabcevic. You are not allowed to re-create, reproduce or sell in any way!
I don’t mind if you download the images for your own personal use though.
I would be happy if you share it, but please don’t forget to direct your reader to this post. Thank you!

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