Where to find INSPIRATION?

Where to find INSPIRATION for your work?

List of the best sources to get INSPIRATION that is working for me (Why shouldn’t they work for you too?):

Books (my favorites at the moment):



  • Shutterstock blog: It is a great blog about the latest trends, useful tips, and tutorials for picture editing, graphic design, photography, and video making.
  • Adobe Stock: It is a microstock online platform alike the Shutterstock with lots of trendy vectors and hand-drawn or digital illustrations to enjoy.
  • Etsy: It’s an online shop website, where you can sell your amazing art, buy an impressive gift for the loved one or just be inspired by the unique artworks by talented artists.
  • Houzz  + DEZEEN are two indispensable sources for architecture, interior, and design trends, I used them a lot for my architecture projects)
  • Dexinger-Illustrations   A giant source of information about news, ideas, trends, and even awards! Dexinger specializes not only in Illustration but also in graphic, fashion, furniture, architecture, photography, typography, and much much more! Amazing place for inspiration!!!
  • Spoonflower-Blog It’s a blog about trends in pattern design in general. The posts are also available in German.


TED Talks

  • TED Art is where artists and creators share their vision, their work, their ideas, and their process.
  • TED Beauty: Videos and articles about Beauty in general.
  • TED Design:   There you’ll find speeches of many world known designers.
  • TED Museums: Videos and articles an the topic of MUSEUMS
  • TED Product design: Videos and articles about Product Design
  • TED Typography

Social Media:

like Pinterest + Instagram + Behance: I’m sure you already know how to use them, I should mention them though 😉
I also want to tell you what is my favorite Pinterest feature – secret art boards! They are private, nobody can see them, it’s possible to create as many as necessary for your projects. If you didn’t try it yet, doooo it!


  • Just go outside and visit all the museums in your city or go to some strange exhibition, and make some sketches of it. Sometimes it’s helpful to get shocked or surprised to find new ideas! Set your eyes on the exhibited cultural items, note the specific patterns, color combinations, design features. Really interesting are Indian, ancient Egyptian, Asian and African showpieces, which have a lot of impressive details.
  • Going to the library: flip through the books which topics are relevant or inspiring to you!
  • Do you love posters? I do!!! Posters allow us to learn the history, to study and to compare the design structures of the eras, to discover the color combinations.
  • If you love architecture as I do, you can also let yourself to be influenced by interiors or interiors of contemporary or historical architecture. It’s up to you!


That’s it for now! As you can see, there are a lot of inspiring things out there. We just have to find some that will work with us!

Please, give me feedback! Were a couple of these links useful for you too?
Where do you get the inspiration? I can’t wait to hear from you!

! All images, illustrations, photographs, and designs are © Marina Rabcevic. You are not allowed to re-create, reproduce or sell in any way!
I don’t mind if you download the images for your own personal use though.
I would be happy if you share it, but please don’t forget to direct your reader to this post. Thank you!

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