Origami Crane Adventure

Chapter 3

What happened to the paper crane

or some ways to use your illustrations

When the issue or the theme of the project are really inspiring, you can just keep working on it and look what will happen!
Here is what happened to the origami cranes:
  • Experimental designs with the varying colorful background, the changing sizes and the number of objects:
The candy-like colors you see here are trend colors for 2018 in graphic design and typography, the color gradients as well!
  • Vectorized illustrations as patterns + abstract origami-inspired geometrical patterns:

  • Design of surface patterns for products
for example on smartphone cases or on the pencil bags,
just let your phantasie go wild!))



Visit my SHOWROOM to discover more origami-inspired illustrations!
Zamurovic Photography SHUTTERSTOCK profile with nice trendy colors

Please feel free to give me your feedback! On which products would you like to see such kind of patterns? 

I can’t wait to hear from you!

! All images, illustrations, photographs, and designs are © Marina Rabcevic. You are not allowed to re-create, reproduce or sell in any way!
I don’t mind if you download the images for your own personal use.
I would be happy if you share it, but please don’t forget to direct your reader to this post. Thank you!

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  • Reply Tatjana Rabcevic 30. August 2018 at 1:31

    Великолэпнооо! Это прямо “фулэ дас гефууул” )))))
    Правда круто, молодец!

    • Reply marinarabcevi 30. August 2018 at 11:08

      Тэнкс тэнкс!)))) тебе журавлики так пингвинов напоминают?

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