Origami Crane Adventure

Chapter 2

Play as Research

or The Crane Story is going on


It is really important to do qualitative research before starting any work. This is always the first step, to begin with!
The second step is to “play” with research results and purpose of the task.
By the way, Charles and Ray Eames used play activities in their office as learning, testing and ideas development in the design process.
I like this approach a lot and I try to apply it in my work. The main goal of “the play” is:
  • to have fun,
  • to get more and more inspired,
  • to enjoy the story behind the object,
  • to learn the form and shapes,
  • to understand the creating process,
  • to know what materials can be used (Do I want to show them? How?).
What I did:
  • I read about origami, especially crane origami (meaning, legends), more in Chapter1,
  • I learned to fold it,
  • I “played” with it, see Chapter1,
  • I did a lot of sketches, penciled cranes at home, at the cafe, and even in the car,
  • I even dreamed about paper cranes!

And here – the results:



Summary at the end:
I’ve got some paper origami cranes, I’ve learned how to create a video using pictures, I’ve studied the form of the crane so well, that I can picture it from scratch without reference from any angle! That’s amazing!

For more origami sketches visit my SHOWROOM 

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