Origami Crane Adventure

Chapter 1

DIY Origami Crane

or a Paper Crane Story



I want to tell you a story about a crane, a little origami crane named Leonardo.
Once upon a time little Leonardo felt so lost and so lonely, that he asked me to create 999 friends for him. 999? Why? Well, there is an ancient Japanese legend about 1000 origami paper cranes called SENBAZURU: 1000 cranes can fulfill wishes, heal diseases, bring happiness and luck! Cool stuff!
I did not fold 1000 cranes for Leonardo, but I made 4 of them. Good as well.


… and they lived happily ever after!

By the way, the origami paper crane is called ORIZURU in Japanese, and this is the icon of all origami in Japan. Crane is an important creature in Japanese culture, they believed, that cranes brought the souls on their wings to the paradise.

If you want to know more about Origami, Orizuru or the SENBAZURU legend check out the links below:
   Nice Wikipedia article about Orizuru with folding instruction
   The SENBAYURU legend
   The history of origami

 Here you’ll find some cool origami paper:
   Origami Paper
   Origami Paper with graphics


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