3 steps to create Leon Head Illustration

Inspired by DKNG Studios  after watching their Skillshare class about digital animal illustration:

I chose for my first real digital illustration a lion head, with African patterns in its mane.

1. Step: Lion head study, references, pencil sketch on paper

2. Step: primary work in Illustrator, idea development, form improvement

3. Step: Color optimization, texture adding
And voila! Here is what I got! It’s not perfect yet, but I love it! 😉

! All images, illustrations, photographs, and designs are © Marina Rabcevic. You are not allowed to re-create, reproduce or sell in any way!
I don’t mind if you download the images for your own personal use.
I would be happy if you share it, but please don’t forget to direct your reader to this post. Thank you!

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