Let’s get inspired by Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell – Finnish graphic designer + illustrator with a wide variety of projects: dollhouses, teapot design, bodypainting, pattern illustration, packaging design, postcard design and many other gorgeous things.
Her works show vector style with basic geometrical forms. Some figures have small decorative elements, but generally, all of them have a minimalistic look.

I absolutely adore this dollhouse!
And look at this cute little rocking horse! Amazing))))
All parts are 2d vector elements. The designer created seven variations of this dollhouse, with different colors, shapes, and characters!

Another interesting project is bodypainting for MINNA PARIKKA SS14.

Instagram von Janine Rewell
She said: “your website is what you are” – 1000 ideas by 100 graphic designers – Matteo Cossu
And hers really does:
Website von Janine Rewell

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