Let’s get inspired by Albert Exergian | Minimalism in Posterdesign

What do you think about TV series?

Do you just love them or are you even a binge-watcher like me (sometimes)? 😀

Albert Exergian, an Austrian designer from Vienna, combined his skills in graphic design and his love to TV series and created more than 50 amazing posters in the minimalist style.

It’s interesting, that the “Iconic TV” poster line wasn’t designed for any client.
The designer uses recognizable symbols from the most popular TV shows, he eliminates all the unimportant elements and reduces colors, creating an awesome product.
And if you have seen these shows, it will not be difficult to figure out which one is every poster about!
It’s just a really cool stuff! Be sure to see all of them!

I’ll only show here my favorites:






Images source: www.exergian.com

Links below could be interesting:

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