Let’s get inspired by Max Lamb | Importance of Background


  There is always a good story behind a perfect design!


Max Lamb is a British designer, known for unusual creation methods of his products. It is about furniture design, rather chair or stool design ( bathroom furniture and tablewear as well).

He uses different materials, such as stone, wood, metal, plastic. But the most interesting point isn’t the material, it’s the story his design is telling!


At first my favorite one of his works:
Max Lamb’s Hawkesbury Sandstone Collection made in partnership with Broached Commissions.



 What I adore about this collection is the using of sandstone. I spent some years in Leipzig, rich in Art Nouveau buildings, build with Elbe sandstone.  There I learned a lot about natural materials, their beauty, optic and haptic, ecological importance as well.

Here is another exciting example: Pewter Stool and the production way.
Everything he needs is just metal and sand.

In 2015 Max Lamp showed at an exhibition named “Exercises in Seating”  in Milan 42 of his products, and all of them – chairs! Each with another creative story.
DEZEEN Magazin has an article about it.

I think it is really inspiring to be able to tell a story with your design or painting, or another way of self-expression. What inspiring you?


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