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Blooming Greetings

Do you love flowers?

I do! 🙂 Like the most women do, I guess!
They are pretty little things, which can make you smile.
They are bright, flavorous, of various shapes and sizes.
Flowers are a perfect decoration, an amazing gift and finally a workplace for bees 🙂

These cards were designed by me for bukettokazan. There are two girls, who would be happy to create some special floral miracle for you.
So, if you live in Kazan or in the surrounding area, use the chance! 😉
The idea here was to produce a couple of festive greeting cards with reduced color spectrum, that harmonize with the most flowers in the bouquets and stay in the background at the same time.
Here are two options:
___________FOR YOU_________ graphic abstract flowers, in gray and purple shades



__________BE HAPPY__________ a festive variation with balloons and flowers in pastel shades


Please visit my showroom for more details!








! All images, illustrations, photographs, and designs are © Marina Rabcevic. You are not allowed to re-create, reproduce or sell in any way!

I would be happy if you share it, but please don’t forget to direct your reader to this post. Thank you!

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